List of instrumental music ( (Please click on the title to find more details)

Choir and Orchestra 
Chant (2015)  for Orchestra and Choir

Du Firmament (2001-02)  for orchestra
Fluxus ac Refluxus (2008) for large orchestra, devided into 7 groups
Zur Tiefe (2013)  for large orchestra
Shades of ochre (2017) for orchestra

Himmelwärts II / Vers Le Ciel II (2007)  for Flute, Percussions and 16 Strings
Rayons Crépusculaires (2007-08)  for Bass-Drum, large Ensemble devided into 3 groups and 8 channels-Live–Electronic
Concerto pour Koto (2013)  for koto and orchestra
HELIODOR “Hymne for ein nicht existierendes Land” (2015)  for trombone and large Ensemble
• Ochres II (2017) for flute, oboe, clarinet and ensemble

Large Ensemble
Danse du Zephyr (2002-03) for 17 players
Stratus - Altocumulus - Cirrus (2014) for 9 players divided into 3 groups
Sensitive Chaos (2010) for E-Gitarre, Trumpet, Trombone, 2 Percussionistes, Piano and Violoncello

Chamber Music (3 to 6 players)
Epure (1998-99) for String quartet
Astral (2001) for Flute, Gitarre, Piano, Violine and Violoncello
Himmelsleiter (2006) for Alto-Flute, Bass-clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, Violine and Violoncello
Himmelsleiter II (2006 - 2013 rév.) for Alto-Flute, Bass-clarinet, Trumpet, Harp, Violine and Violoncello
Himmelwärts / Vers le ciel (2006) for Flute, Percussions, Violine, Viola and Violoncello
Seventeen Steps (2006) for Alto flute, Violine, Bass-Koto and Piano
Erwachen (2007) for Great bass recorder, Bass-Koto and Percussion
Erwachen II (2008) for Bass flute, Bass-Koto and Percussion
Aqua Vitae II (2010)  for Alto flute, Bass-clarinet, Percussions, Violine and Violoncello
Monochromer Garten II (2011) for Bass-clarinet, Bariton saxophone and Trombone
• Ochres (2016) for flut, oboe and clarinet
Sange (2016) In memory of Yoshihisa Taira for six percussionis

Scintillation (2002) for Piano and Cembalo
Epanouissement II (2004) for Bass flute and Harp
Halo (2007) for two Bass-Clarinets
Vague des Passions (2010) for Marimbaphone and Vibraphone
Monochromer Garten (2011) for Accordeon and Violoncello
Lamento (2013) ~ based on a folk song from Fukushima ~ for two violins
Lamento II (2013 – rev.14) ~ based on a folk song from Fukushima ~ for Violin and Viola
Monochromer Garten VII (2015) for Recorder and Percussion
• Ha-Dô (2017) for Daegeum and Koto

Danse automnale de feuilles vermeilles (1997) for Piano
Epanouissement (2003) for Violoncello
Koi Hanété...(2006) for Piano. Based a Haiku of Shiki Masaoka
Monochromer Garten III (2011) for Timpani
Monochromer Garten IV (2012) for 30 stringed Koto
Monochromer Garten V (2013) for a koto player
Monochromer Garten VI (2015) for Viola
Viola (2016) for Percussion
Monochromer Garten VIII (2016) for Alto Flute