HELIODOR “Hymne für ein nicht existierendes Land” (2015)

for trombone and large ensemble

commissioned by the Acht Brücken Festival and funded by the Siemens Stiftung
The world première : May 10, 2015 in the Philharmonie in Cologne
Sebastiaan Kemner (Trombone solo)
Ensemble Asko Schönberg
Bas Wiegers (Conductor)

Trb solo / / Pno, Hp / 2 Perc./
Heliodor literally translates from the Greek as a gift from the sun (dron = gift, Helio = sun)
This piece is based on the theme: “Hymne für ein nicht existierendes Land”
 (Anthem for a non-existant country). This was the requested theme from the Acht Brücken Festival.
In our history, anthems were often used to spark enthusiasm, but also misused as a March for wars.
That is why when I think of an anthem, the negative connotations dominate my thoughts. With all the current serious conflicts around the world I am afraid that the energy anthems have are being used as a primitive way of uniting people for problematic motives.
However I believe that anthems could have very different possibilities of touching the positive sides of human nature.
In my piece “Heliodor” I wish there to be a gradual evolution from the aggressive, powerful element, represented by the March, to a smooth and bright character (Like layers of the sun) which people clearly can respond to.

(Malika KISHINO)