Zur Tiefe (2013)

Zur Tiefe (2013) for large orchestra

commissioned by Philharmonisches Orchester des Staatstheaters Cottbus
Premiere : 20, 22 September 2013, at Staatstheaters Cottbus
Philharmonischen Orchester des Staattheaters Cottobus 
Evan Christ (conductor)

"Zur Tiefe "(2013) was commissioned by Arts Council of the Brandenburg Cottbus. 
It was by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Staatstheater Cottbus under the direction of Evan Christian on 20 and 22 Premiered in September 2013 Staatstheater Cottbus.
Zur Tiefe(2013)
for large orchestra
Like a drop of water reaches the earth and infiltrate layer by layer, a sound pulse from a variety of energy curves came into us, seeping into the time and eventually reaches to bottomless depth.
In my piece "Zur Tiefe (into depth)", I wanted to describe my fascination for deep abyss, bottomless and even mystical depth with sound energy.
In "Zur Tiefe", I formed the sound energy of the large orchestra by two
musical gestures.
First gesture is characterized by a pulse (initial accent) and subsequent osmosis (sound course). It runs vertically (one drop from the top and percolates into the ground). 
The other gesture, which triggers (attack) energy flow is directed more horizontally (the rain spread on the ground and flows as streams and rivers in a plane).
Both gestures are repeated in various (sound) layers and fall progressively into profundity, in to Abyss of music and reaches the Tranquility
Shinichi Hisamatsu (1889-1980) - a Japanese philosopher and scholar of Zen Buddhism - characterized the "good" Fine Arts of Japan by seven characteristics:

1) Asymmetry
 2) simplicity
 3) Lofty Dryness
 4) naturalness
 5) Subtle Profundity
 6) Freedome from Attachement
 7) Tranquility

They do not exist separately but only together, as a source of beauty.
I live in the present in Europe and write contemporary music. But when I think on "beauty," everything which I feel beauty is qualified these characters.
For me, composition is a way to express the beauty with the sound material in the given time.