Ochres II (2017)

for flute, oboe, clarinet and ensemble

Commissioned by WDR
Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain under the direction of Daniel Kawka
06. 05. 2017 “Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2017”
17 Min.

Red, orange, gold, sometimes even purple.
The layers of ochre produce a magical landscape.
Anyone who has ever walked through natural ocher rocks like in Roussillon/south France, will never forget for their rest of life the flood of colors, which almost produces an Ecstasy.
Human kind has always been attracted by ochre pigment.
It was used in prehistoric and ancient times by many different civilizations on different continents.

“Orchres II “ is a kind of trio concerto for flute, oboe and clarinet.
Three woodwind instruments, which have their own particular timbre evoke me the ochres and their iridescence
The ensemble will expand the trio into a meta-instrument - through several aspects:
The construction of harmonie of this piece is created by the multiphonics of the three woodwind instruments and they are instrumented by the ensemble.
By combining bisbigliando effects, multiphonics and various glissando of these woodwind trio
which are melted into the ensemble, are produced numerous hue keeping common characters.
The coloring of the ocher pigments is produced by absorption and remission (scattering or reflection) of certain frequency components of the visible light. Analogous to this, the acoustic spectra of the piece are formed.

In addition to the sound materials with their timber aspects, a form aspect which points to the painting, plays a role :
The trio sprays and drops onto an imaginary canvas, then each events are developed, broadened and connected by the ensemble. Just like a viewer in front of a picture, for example Jackson Pollock´s, who can take a glance at it from the distance but also close the eyes into the canvas to watch color detail. The piece holds its form with a dramaturgy of Zoom in and out.