Ochres (2016)

for flute, oboe and clarinet

World premiere: 23.09.2016, Hörfest 7. à DetmoldDante Montoya (Flute), Jörg-Peter Mittmann (Oboe), Bertwin Wubs (Clarinet).
Commissioned Ensemble Horizonte
ca 8 min.

Red, orange, gold, sometimes even purple.The layers of ochre produce a magical landscape.Human kind has always been attracted by ochre pigment.It was used in prehistoric and ancient times by many different civilizations on different continentsIn my piece " Ochres ", I attempted to represent the ochres and their iridescence by utilising three woodwind instruments, which have their own particular timbre.By combining the Bisbigliando effects and multiphonics on each instrument. I wanted to create a sound organism consisting of numerous hues.