Nox (Gold and Silver) II (2023) for oboe, clarinet and string quartet after a Haiku of Matsunaga Teitoku



For the 10+1 Anniversary Concert of KammerMusikKöln

Commissioned by KammerMusikKöln

World Premiere: May 14th 2023, Sancta Clara-Keller

Nox (Gold and Silver) II
after a Haiku of Matsunaga Teitoku
for Oboe, Clarinet and string quartet
For Jubilee of 10th Anniversary of KammerMusikKöln
Commissioned by  KammerMusikKöln
雪のうへの (yuki no ue no)
月や金色  (Tsuki wa Konjiki)
銀世界   (Ginsekai)
松永貞徳 (1571-1654)
On the Snowfield
Golden Moon reflection
Silver univers
Teitoku Matsunaga (1571-1654), Translation by composer
"Nox" is a ongoins series which  I focus on the specific colors, contrast and sonic shades.
Being inspired by a Haiku of Teitoku Matsunaga which expressed the beauty of nocturne with the combination of two gold and silver,
I attempted to compose Nox (Gold and Silver) to celebrate a jubilee of musicians.
In Buddhism, gold was called 'konjiki' and was defined as 'the color symbolising the Supreme Being'.
Silver is the most precious metal after gold.
In Japan, the combination of gold and silver color have been used for a special celebration that will not happen many times in a lifetime.
In my piece, Wood winds (Oboe and Clarinet) produce the sound color of Gold, which gives us the impression of being luminous. String quartette play the role of the snowfiled which Japanese call "Silver  Univers".
Teitoku´s Haiku creates an universe of beauty with few materials and to reach deep reserve of our sensibility.
That is exactly what I wish for my composition.
Originally Nox (Gold and Silver) is for  two clarinets and String Quartet.
This time, I did a new version for Oboe, Clarinet and String Quartet.
Nox (Gold and Silver) II is commissioned by KammerMusikKöln and it is written for Jubilee of 10th Anniversary of KammerMusikKöln.
Dear Kammermusik Köln
I wish you happy 10th Jubilee. I am very happy to cerebrate your Anniversary with my piece  "Nox (Golod and Silver ) "
 "Nox (Golod and Silver ) " was written after a Haiku of Teitoku Matsunaga, (1571-1654) a Poet, scholar, garden Designer in Kyoto, where is my home Town.
The Haiku expresses the contrast of Gold (moon) and Silver (snow) in the Nocturne.
Gold and Silver colors have been admired and used  for special life event such Wedding, Ceremony or  Jubilee (!) in Japan.
I wrote  "Nox (Golod and Silver ) " for the celebration - the ritual of the life - ,  expecting to produce the colors of Gold, Silver and shades of night with sounds.
Cologne is my second home town and also sister city of Kyoto.  I am very happy and honored that I can attend to your 10th Anniversary Concert with my piece with wonderful musicians of Kammermusik Köln.
I wish you further exquisite concerts in the future, sharing beautiful moments with people.
(August 11th 2022, In Cologne, Malika Kishino)