Lamento II (2013 - rev.14) based on a folk song from Fukushima

for Violin and Viola

LAMENTO II- based on a folk song from Fukushima -
version for violin and viola (2013 / rev. 2014)

First Performance : September 28, 2014 at Weserrenaissance-Museum Schloß Brake, Lemgo / Germany during Hörfest Neue Musik Detmold by Ensemble Horizonte.

"LAMENTO" was written for a benefit CD „Symbiosis“ for "2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami" by LOE Ltd. In London and played by violin duo Retorica. "LAMENTO II " is new version for violin and viola.

In the long history, since ever japanese has bestowed many blessing from nature, such as beautiful landscape and four seasons, but also has coexisted with nature´s threat, such as Typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic etc..
When I thought on this reality, I felt sympathies to the concept of "Symbiosis" which is main theme of the benefit CD.
I composed my piece "Lamento" based on the concept of "Symbiosis" between nature and human kind.
The impulse which exist in the physical world is represented by the "pizzicato" of the violins.
The rough energy flowing is represented by striking the strings with the back of the bow (col legno).
In contrast, I quoted a folk song from Fukushima, named "Sohma Nagareyama" for the motif which represent the human kind. This folk song sing about longing for home and flux of time.
I wanted to threat this folk tune as a symbol for the landscape of heart, which each people carry and which can be an anchor of their heart. This motif will be played by harmonics of violins, which remembers me sepia color.

However, during I was working on the piece, I always thought about an another existence with what human kind can never co-exist.
It was about Fukushima nuclear disaster and the existence of nuclear power.
Since 1950s, we japanese has relied more and more on nuclear power as energy source.
We have focused on its advantage and its benefits but most people have pretended not to notice its risks until the accident happened. At least, Japan has had a long history of earthquakes,seismic activity, often resulting in tsunamis, occur several times a century. We should have thought about the risks of constructing and operating nuclear power plants.
We have produced and benefited from what the human kind are not able to control completely. Once an accident happened, the price we have payed is too high and too painful. When I think on this reality, my heart swells with grief.

I dedicate "Lamento II " for all the people who suffering from the East Great Earthquake-Tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident.