Percussion Concerto (2020-21) for percussion and orchestra

Percussion solo: Bass Drums, 4 Bg., Snare drum, Hyoshigi, 4 Mokusho, Holz-trommel, Tt., 7 metal plates, 3 Coils, 5 Japanese Rins, Japanese crash cym., Rins Otsuka – – Tp. – 4 Perc.: [I: Bass drum, Snare drum, 2 Japanese Rins, Claves, 2 Mokusho, Xyl., Ps., Crot., Mark tree, Acme Siren, Sleigh Bells – II: Snare drum, Claves, 2 Mokusho, Mr., Tt., Thunder sheet, Ps., Tb., Mark tree, Metal chime, Acme siren, Sleigh bells, Vibra-slap – III. Snare drum, 4 Bg., Claves, 2 Mokusho, Tt., Thunder sheet, Glock., Vibr., Mark tree, Metal chine, Acme Siren, Sleigh bells, Vibra-slap. IV: Bass drum, 3 Snare drums, Lion’s roar, Claves, 2 Mokusho, Sizzle Cymbal, Cowbells, 5 Javanese gongs, Mark tree, Acme siren, Sleigh bells] – Ar. – Pf./Cel. – A.:

Commissioned by Festival NOW!

supported by Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

With my grateful Thanks for the Supporting of Rin Otsuka Factory
Dedicated to Alexej Gerassimez
Percussion Solo : Alexej Gerassimez
Conductor : Jonathan Stockhammer
Duisburger Philharmoniker
World Premiere : 04.11. 2022 in ALFRIED KRUPP SAAL PHILHARMONIE ESSEN at Festival NOW!
Duration : approx. 20 Minutes

Percussions have always attracted me.
Percussion music is a unique type of instrumental music allowing performers to create rich sonic universe with the simple gestures such
Striking, Scratching, Rebounding, Rubbing which all of us are doing in our daily life.
For me, the percussions are the instruments which connect directly with humans natural gestures and expressions.
In my first Percussion Concerto, I focus those human gestures from Solist. Especially , I tried to bring out the particularity of Solist  Alexej Gerassimez, such spell of its rich timbers, virtuosity, vivacity, flexibility and presence on the stage.
Those are  the source of the sound energy in the piece and determines the direction of music.
The sound and musical gestures from soloist are spread into the orchestra which become as a meta (-Percussion-) Instrument.
The instrumentation of Solist are composed by three category such Woods, Metals, Drums (Membranophoe). The piece starts a sharp sound of Hyoshigi (Japanese Claves). Solist grasp one in each hand and striking one against the other.  This gesture is one of the main musical material through whole piece. ”Putting hand together " is a gesture which often used in the rituals.This gesture appear again and again with different instruments.
Also I mention here special instrument "Otsuka Rin" - small  copper alloy bells (like small singing bowl) which has a uniquely clean and bright tone with a long resonance.
 The Rin Otsuka Factory  built 22 Rins with selected microtones for my piece.
I thank sincerely to Rin Otsuka Factory in Japan.
Percussion concerto is commissioned by Festival NOW! and dedicated to Alexej Gerassimez.
(Cologne , 22.08.2022, Malika Kishino)