Naki-ryu, flutter echo (2018)

for oboe solo
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni
Kompositionsauftrag von Ensemble Musikfabrik
First Performance : Peter Veale (Oboe)
15.09.2019 in WDR Sendsaal Köln

Naki-Ryu, flutter echo for oboe solo (2018)Flutter echoes and Dragon in clouds“Naki-Ryu” literally translates from Japanese into “Roaring Dragon” or “calling Dragon”. It is a particular acoustical phenomenon which was discovered in some Japanese temples.If one stands under a domed ceiling in such a temple, where there is a large painting of a dragon in the clouds, and claps ones hands or produces a sharp noise, then the sound reverberates between the ceiling and the floor and echoes through the hall, as if the dragon were answering the call with a rattling murmur. Acoustically speaking, the Naki-Ryu sound can be called a “flutter echo”. Normally such flutter echoes are avoided but in the case of “Naki-Ryu” in Japanese temples, this acoustical phenomenon serves as a holy dialogue between man and Dragon.The oboe has a unique timbre and an expressive quality. It has often reminded me of layers of colorful voices / roaring or layers of clouds. Listening to oboe multiphonics, often leads me to imagine the painting of a dragon in the clouds, which is climbing to the sky.In my piece Naki-Ryu,  I utilized flutter echoes as the main musical material, by using various multiphonics. Their sharp tongued attacks play the hand clapping role.Its continuous rich spectrum and modulation play the role of the layers of clouds.Throughout the piece, I have treated these attacked notes, and their echoes, as a dialogue between man and the legendary creature.I composed Naki-Ryu for Mr. Peter Veale and the piece is devoted to him.