List of Works

Music for Choirs  (Please click on the title to find more details)
Satsuki (May) (2000)  for mixed choir, two trumpets, trombone and two percussionists
Lo mes d’abriéu s’es en anat (April has gone) (2005)  for 12 Women voices, Children's Choir and electronic soands
Ichimai-Kishohmon (2011) for mixed choir, voices of Buddhist priests, Sho, Hichiriki, 20 Stringed-Koto, Percussions, string trio
Ichimai-Kishohmon (2011) version for chor and Piano
Prayer / Inori (2011)  for mixed choir a capella
Dialogue Invisible (2012) for 9 female voices
Chant (2015)   for Orchestra and Choir
• Prayer / Inori II for 8 Voices (2011 / revised 2017)
• Vokale (2017-2018) for choir a cappella divided into 3 groups
Vokale, Gekürzte Fassung (2017-2018) for choir a cappella divided into 3 groups

Music with voice
Battement (Schlag) (2003)  for Bariton and Piano
Hila – Hila to… (2009)  for Countertenor and 7 players
Miraiken kara (from futuresphere) (2012) for Noh-voice and Alto flute